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    Parkland FL School Shooting

    Evil. Evil is the word to describe the actions taken on 2-14-18 by a coward who will not be named. It takes a very disturbed individual to one day decide they want to take another persons life. Let alone children at school who are defenseless.

    This shooting, at the time of writing this blog, has left 17 dead and 14 injured.

    I am going to keep this article brief. There is just a couple topics I would like to touch on. One being mental illness. I am not a specialist in the field of the mind. However, everyone as a whole needs to ask themselves a question, "Is public safety a compromise for correctness"? What I mean by that is the children at this school knew something was wrong with this coward and when it came down to bringing the concern to those who can do something about it, many, in any situation will not in fear of being labeled as a person of hate. The children of this great nation need to have the voice to speak up and say "hey, this kid is making some statements he may see as joking, but shooting up a school isn't a joke. Please address this". Not just kids, but people in general need to do this. 

    *Another note to make is that someone did go to the FBI with information that this individual could/would do this and nothing was done! How does something like this happen? Something needs to change. 

    Final thought on the matter is that the nation does not need gun control. No amount of legislation could have stopped this act of evil. Citing Colion Noir, there has been 147 people killed in France from 2015-2018. Not including the car ramming incidents. That would bring the total to 233. In the US in the same time, there has been 164 people killed by mass shootings. The gun is not to blame in the case, nor any other shooting. We blame the driver in a DUI, we blame the bomber not the bomb in a bombing, so why are we doing it to guns? 


    We need to protect our schools and other public places, not take the things away that can protect them.

    To the people impacted by this tragedy, our thoughts and prayers go out to you. 

    Why Pick an AR-15

    Now, not everyone will know the primary differences between the AR platforms. Some may know all the differences and nuances of all. I'm here to tell the pros and cons on Why to Pick an AR-15. 

    The AR-15 is the modern sporting rifle with an incredible modular design. Every part on a Mil-Spec AR is interchangeable. Meaning there is an endless amount of variation to making one of them. Either changing out the caliber, to switching a handguard, it can all be done with this system. 

    Lets start out with the basics. The AR can have many different calibers shot through it other than its native design of 5.56 (Which is an incredible round and has many practical purposes). Someone who is looking to get more kinetic energy for hunting or maybe even more range for distance shooting can be done in an intermediate sized case. Some rounds currently on the market that will do this are 6.5 Grendel and.224 Valkyrie. Both outperforming a .308 past 400 meters. Maybe distance ins't what is desired and hard hitting suppressed is the purpose. Then a 300 Blackout would be perfect for that. 220 grains of hard hitting freedom. 


    Next is the complete modular design of this weapon system. Every single last part on a Mil-Spec AR-15 is interchangeable and can be easily customized. That should be enough said. But just some more information on it, EVERY LAST PART, all of them, can be customized, making this system the most versatile and expressive on the market. 


    If you're looking for a more power, or a PDW, check out our other blog posts on the subjects. 

    Choosing the Right AR For You

    Choosing an AR styled rifle has many questions that go along with it. No one can choose for you. In this brief little post, I offer some simple things to help narrow your search. 

    Now, ask yourself, what do I want to do with this rifle? Mid ranged all purpose shooting? Long distance hunting? close quarters protection/ personal defense weapon? Depending on the purpose will depend on your style of weapon. Intermediate cartridge will go into the AR-15 platform. Larger rounds will go into the AR-10. Smaller will go into a pistol dedicated lower. 

    second thing to do is pick what caliber to shoot. There are a plethora of different ones to choose from. However, some are more popular than others. Some of the more popular rounds are:

    Intermediate: 5.56/.223 Remington, .223 WYLDE, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62x39.

    Long distance: 308, 6.5 Creedmoor

    Pistol: 9MM, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 357 SIG, and others. 

    Depending on what round and intended platform you go for, there will be its benefits and weaknesses primarily on the round picked. 


    See our other blogs to see benefits of each platform. 

    How to Grow a Facebook Page With Ad Restrictions, BOOSTLIKES

    Well, having a Facebook page that promotes guns and gun accessories is not very effective. Facebook, like any entity in America, has the right to refuse a service to any one of their users/customers. Guns and Facebook DO NOT work. They will do anything to keep you page and posts from being seen by people who do not directly follow you. 

    So, how may you ask does one get the word out about a new found business trying to take a stab at the American dream? Simple, you go to Boostlikes.com. They take all the hassle of trying to reach new people simple. All you have to do is select a category on which you would like to get boosted in, Likes, Followers, and even shares. This makes growing a "prohibited" page (Guns, E-cigs, Adult) extremely easy. 

    They do not use Bots to get "instant delivery". They simply promote your page from a third party perspective. There is no more worries about getting you ad blocked or removed. You simply pick what service you want, and boom, you have followers who will legitimately like and follow your page. 

    Best part? They Guarantee their service. That's right. Your money is not going to just be taken and you get half the followers. The get them, and help you keep them. If someone un-follows you, they will replace them. 

    So what are you waiting for? Go help your business grow faster than ever before and check out BOOSTLIKES Website Here or visit https://boostlikes.com/

    Defiance Tactical - What we Offer

    AR upper and lower parts, Custom Glock builds, Tactical gear, Armor, and much much more to come in the future. 

    Defiance Tactical was started on the principle to bring customers not only the best parts on the market, but the best customer service anyone can ever ask for. Being a small start up, we may not have every part on the market, yet. We post every single day and are constantly updating our products to make sure you, the consumer, is getting the latest and greatest in the industry. Stay tuned for future updates, and a brief synopsis of Defiance Tactical's origins.